Welcome to Dragon Ball Museum!

Welcome to Dragon Ball Museum!

Postby admin » Sat Dec 13, 2008 1:22 pm

You have found your way to the most important post on all the boards. Here you will find our rules and guidelines that will help us all keep the Museum a fun and uplifting place to visit. Move closer to your monitor, get comfy, and take a glimpse of Dragon Ball Museum!

1. Language. Since Dragon Ball Museum is located on the web, anyone can stumble across us - in fact, anyone can join! As such, we ask that all of our members be considerate in their posts regarding offensive speech. We ask that you think before you submit your posts, and try to use language that is family-friendly as often as possible. Senseless swearing includes profanity in signatures.

2. Content. Content and Language go hand-in-hand here at the Museum. Some languages/content are banned: pornographic material, gambling material, drugs and smoking material. Posts about these will be deleted and members talking about these subjects will be banned. These forums are viewable to every human of all walks, and for that reason please be considerate on what you choose to share and post - in everything from your avatar and signature to the threads. If you would not show an image to your parents, your children, your mentors, and your CEOs, chances are good your fellow members wouldn't appreciate it, either.

3. Editing and Double Posting. Double posts (posts created by the same user, back to back) are not allowed except in specific forums (the Showcase forums, where art and stories are continuous). Every member is able to edit their posts, so if you wish to add anything to or correct your posts, USE THE EDIT BUTTON, NOT THE REPLY. This will help keep the boards clean and easy to browse.

4. Multiple and Duplicate Threads. Posting the same thread (of the same content) in more than one forum is prohibited. Likewise, please keep all thread topics in the related forums.

5. Post Count and Rank. Please do not post excessively, or "spam," purely to increase your rank and post count.

6. Hosted Images. If you are displaying an image on the forums, please make sure it is hosted on your own webspace, or that you have permission from the host. Do NOT link images to other sites - Rubberslug specifically has forbidden direct linking.

7. Flame Wars. Flaming and public arguments are not tolerated. If there is a disagreement that heats feelings beyond polite conversation, take the discussion to Private Messages, the Chat Room, e-mail, or instant messages. Do not participate in a fight on the public boards, and please notify a moderator if you see one brewing.

8. The Admin Team. As always we are here to help. We want you to enjoy your stay here at the Museum. But we are also here to keep our rules in place. We reserve the right to move, delete, lock, split, or merge any threads or posts needed to stay within our own guidelines; we hope you will respect our decisions. If you have any questions, please ask!

9. You can place your personal Web site in your signature area only! Make sure the content and languages are appropriate for the this site.

10. No SPAM/Advertisements as topics or subjects please. Failure to do so will result in posts being deleted and account banned.

Every once in a while, it is necessary for the Admin Team to do more than send reminders about our rules and guidelines. We have a policy that we agreed on and put in place, and now we wish to make our members aware of it.

In the case of any infraction (i.e. a flame and return fire) between two or more members, the Admin Team will take these actions against all involved.

First Infraction. A warning via Private Message.
Second Infraction. 30 Day loss of avatar and signature.
Third Infraction. 3 Day loss of posting privileges in the offending forum.
Fourth Infraction. 3 Day loss of posting privileges.
Fifth Infraction. 3 Day loss of posting privileges and Private Message use.
Sixth Infraction. 30 Day suspension from all features of Anime-Beta.
Seventh Infraction. Indefinite suspension and possible ban.

We have faith in our Museum family, and to return that faith we wanted to make everyone aware of our policies. This way, there are no secrets between us. Again, if you have any questions, please ask!

That was a long haul, I know. With all that out of the way, let us say once again:

Welcome to Dragon Ball Museum and enjoy your stay!
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