The Boost was born in a laboratory

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The Boost was born in a laboratory

Postby alicern » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:17 pm

The Boost was born in a laboratory

The adidas ultra boost is here, the first running shoe of the German brand that has 100% Boost in the midsole. The launch was controversial, since they named it: "the best slipper of history", a somewhat risky statement. It is? No, but more than anything because no one is, every runner has his bouquet of sneakers that will do well based on their characteristics, no more. But we are certainly facing a great model, with an exquisite and substantial cushioning, with a soft touch without penalizing the response of the shoe. The fit is also a pass, with a nice and elastic upper. It has almost everything. It is a shoe to train in the day to day and throw many miles, but can also be used for racing, provided it is at a slower pace of 3: 50 / km.

This Rocker shape that we will be seeing more and more often in the market, whether very marked like the Skechers GoRun Ultra or something more camouflaged like the Under Armor Gemini, is a type of chassis geometry that has come to stay. The adidas training has a very high toe, this rebound prints a lot of character and allows the Ultra Boost to go to joyful rhythms. On the other hand, a bevelled heel offers a very prominent role to the midfielder, this is one of the many reasons Adidas has awarded him the title of "the best shoe in history": it is a model that is perfect for And that goes very well for runners landing in midfielder.

The adidas hombre zapatillas was born in a laboratory of BASF in Germany, is basically a plastic that through a chemical and physical process has been converted into an expanded polymer, an E-TPU. This material is similar to what we have seen in the shoes for years, at least with the naked eye, but it has many differences. Infinergy is not an EVA, but a plastic that through expansion has managed to adopt properties similar to EVA without renouncing the innate properties of plastics. In short, it is an elastic material, soft, moldable but in turn is a material that supports much better changes in temperature and humidity, is structurally much more consistent, takes much longer to lose elongation capacity - which will give much more Life to the shoe.

The sole of the adidas zapatillas 2017 is one of the most curious I have ever seen, and do not believe that in Adidas have wanted to be original and place this type of sole with that shape for fashion or taste, have been several months trying all kinds Of soles, similar to the one of the Energy mainly, but they discarded it for a simple reason: it did not fulfill the high exigencias of the slipper.The Ultra Boost has been designed with a system known as ARAMIS, which is used in Nasa, Boeing or automotive in brands like Lamborghini or Audi, this program measures any minimum change in materials that occur due to pressures or movements , Something very important in these sectors as the space, the aviation or the high performance in cars.
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